One Tie All Tie

Beef SQUASHED: Nicki and Cardi B just watched the movie Face/Off together and will now be switching faces

Hammond, IN – Thank goodness. Honest to Pete. Bullet dodged. Curse lifted, I can finally poop again. I was starting to think the manufactured beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B would never end. But last weekend their publicists staged a meet up at a California Pizza Kitchen in Northern Indiana.

The two were set to eat some of the best pie in the country, climb into a good ole fashioned k-hole and watch the movie Face/Off starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta on Blu-ray. What happened next was both predictable, heartwarming, and most importantly passively consumed by the millions of people who are slowly dissolving into oblivion within the confines of a rancid celebrity crock pot rump roast.

Like they say, enough cat tranquilizer, margherita pizza and garden salads can fix about anything, and after watching what they perceived to be a buddy movie about two friends who love each other switching faces, they decided to do the same.

Though some maintain the face swap is purely for the purpose of gaining media attention before their upcoming film Face Off II: Off Face in which the pair star as the respective sisters of Sean Archer and Caster Troy as they play a deadly game of cat and mouse which puts the entire country at risk.

Either way, I could not be happier that these two have buried the hatchet in such an iconic fashion! OKUR!!!!!