One Tie All Tie

Inspiring: This teacher greeted each student with a 5% off coupon with purchases over $100 at Jos A. Bank

Chicago, IL –An inspiring moment was captured at a crumbling Chicago public school last week. As hordes of teachers around the country continue their quest to go viral in the always evolving art of quirkily greeting students as they enter their classroom, one Chicago teacher decided that custom handshakes, dances and learning moments weren’t necessarily at the heart of what it means to be a viral educator.

“You want to know what’s more memorable than a lifetime bond with a teacher who is a pillar of support and champion in the direst of times for any student? A 5% off coupon to Jos A. Bank with any purchase over a $100,” said Grant Trimble who teaches Pornhub Appreciation at Lane Tech.

The 5% off coupon to a crumbling fashion brand whose horrible style is rivaled only by its embarrassing quality prepares even the most promising student for a lifetime of disappointment and settling.

“This is giving back to the community, this is supporting local business and when they resentfully look at that soiled, disintegrating suit, you know damn well they’ll be thinking of me,” continued Trimble punching his suit rewards card and growing one step closer to a coveted free flesh toned suit.

Something this beautiful deserves to be shared on your own wall and then excruciatingly ignored by even for the friends who give sympathy likes.