One Tie All Tie

This maid of honor rapped her speech at a wedding and it didn’t go viral

Hammond, IN-Something uniquely mundane happened at a nondescript wedding in northern Indiana last weekend. In a desperate attempt to become a viral sensation, or at the very least garner some scattered applause and perhaps a few sympathy laughs, the maid of honor at the wedding decided it would be best to rap her speech.

Opting to not celebrate the couple, but rather celebrate her rudimentary understanding of the English language, punctuated by forced rhymes and unintelligible punchlines. The twice reheated old potato enveloped the crowd in its, now soupy, innards.

“Absolutely no one has done it, I took an already played out rap song, butchered it, forced in some SUPER zany lyrics about the couple and then put it back in the microwave for 45 minutes on high,” said Sarah Meyers, frantically searching the crowd to ensure an optimal number of phones were recording the excruciating ordeal.

The rapped speech went by without incident and was shortly thereafter mercifully forgotten.