One Tie All Tie

Kay Jewelers Launches Engagement Ring with 3 Signature Diamonds: Love, Friendship, Insurmountable Debt

Rockford, Illinois-The family run Kay Jewelers nestled between a Tilted Kilt and a Burlington Coat Factory has launched a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring that will be sold at all participating Kay Jewelers nationwide. Each ring will contain three handcrafted imitation diamonds, each diamond telling its own special story.

“The first two diamonds are for love and friendship, but you’d have to be a real loser to not recognize the third component to every healthy relationship…crushing and inescapable debt created by the purchasing of mass produced jewelry outside of your means,” said the owner of the quaint Kay Jewelers franchise Ken Tuscani.

Buying something at a strip mall is really the only way to show true affection and every woman dreams about having jewelry that is popular enough to be mass-produced.

“The debt is more than just marriage or love, its forever, something that can be handed down to your kids along with a ring that will be melted down and sold for a 4th of its value,” continued Tuscani with a tear running down his cheek.

Kay Jewelers plans to launch Fox Racing and DC Shoes engagement rings next month.