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Husband of the year: This guy is using a photo of his wife as his iPhone background

Chicago, IL-In an act of transcendent affection, a husband has changed his iPhone background from a stock photo of rolling waves to a generously face tuned picture of his wife. Though the picture is more often than not immediately disregarded in favor of a video containing a Barstool Sports employee beating his meat into a dip spit bottle or a squat themed fitness model account, her heavily contoured face and dead eyes remain ever present in the glowing light. The couple had argued painstakingly over which picture to use, they considered the suffocating boredom a rite of passage for married couples, and ultimately ended up choosing an particularly excruciating picture of her wearing a cardigan in a pumpkin patch.

A true testament to anyone unfortunate enough to glance at the phone on public transit that he is in a sexless marriage brimming with resentment and regret.

“Whenever I use my bloated fingers to limply unlock my phone and play Candy Crush Saga, I catch a momentary glimpse of my sweet rose Rachel, whom I love so dearly. There’s undeniable proof right here, I love her so much that I made her a background, how neat is that?” said Patrick Kibby adjusting his Patagonia quarter zip sweatshirt and pissing his pants onto his All Bird shoes. “The ole ball and chain,” continued Kibby, who at this point is a walking trope of a reheated sitcom husband.

Though Kibby is otherwise emotionally and physically distant and refuses to compromise on virtually any disagreement they have, at least he seamlessly disregards the mandated background picture of his one true love before mindlessly spooning in another heaving portion of content into his drooling mouth.