Mobbin No Sobbin

Artist: Western Tink & Beautiful Lou
Album: Mobbin’ No Sobbin’
Rating: 4.6/5.0
Release: April 2013
Free Download:

Mobbin’ No Sobbin’  is a gift. Mixtapes like these fall on the other end of the spectrum. Not questioning how someone could make a complete and utter nuisance like OJ Da Juiceman but rather how they could be giving such an incredible treasure away for free. The majority of songs find an admirable symmetry between wiry lyricism, militant drum machine beats and the subtle manipulation of samples and sounds that could probably be found in a Hans Zimmer score. It’s weird how weighty a song sounds when there isn’t a lot of variation in the sample. It becomes reflective and ruminative thriving off of the simplicity. Arouses a feeling of floating or swimming.

Another song on the album with a really unique beat gives you that feeling of being the last one up at the black jack table after a 48 hour binger in Sin City. Several novelty drinks deep and now on to the well whiskey cokes trying to dig yourself out of the perpetually growing debt. Sitting solo at the table with just you the dealer and a lipper going toe to toe until the sun pierces your evidence noirs and you attempt to stumble your way to the pool to sweat off the nights excess in the Vegas sun.

Orange Juice and Tooth Paste

Title: OJ Da Juiceman
Artist: Return of the Juiceman
Album: Juice World 2
Rating: 1.0/5.0

Juice World 2 has to be a farce. An intricate labyrinth of a prank.  I compare this abomination to Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” sans hilarity plus vexation. Listening to a blunderous oaf rapping can provide a certain amount of cheerfulness but it spoils fast. Aggressively simplified beats coupled with even feebler rhyme schemes that are most of the time indistinguishable. Calling them rhymes is downright generous. I would compare Juice World 2 to brushing your teeth with Arm and Hammer tooth paste and promptly chugging 1 gallon of balmy,tepid Sunny Delight, whilst soaking in a public Jacuzzi. You’ll see what I mean below:

I get that the album is free so us as consumers are really actually owed very little. I guess my thought around the creation of free mixtapes were a promotional tool to generate hype for a studio album or get an initial signing, obviously my thinking here was completely wrong given the existence of this mixtape. Aimless, futile and inane there is no good reason why this should be in existence. Stay far far away.


Dream Pop

Artist: Deniro Farrar
Album: The Patriarch
Rating: 4.0/5.0
Release: March 2013

I reviewed the BSBD and Deniro Farrar collaboration mixtape last week; coincidentally Farrar released “The Patriarch” this week.

The album gets three stars alone for the album art, a thoroughly disgruntled gold plated Darth Vader dressed in Pope Garments. His annoyance probably stems from reigning exclusively over the Catholic Church as opposed wreaking havoc on an entire universe. Also the fact that he is relegated to the pope mobile rather than his preferred kitted out  TIE-fighter (with the frog eyes).


The 13 different producers create a jagged and fleeting feel to the album, the variability in both beats and rhymes eliminates any opportunity for staleness to set in. There are some beats that Vader himself probably trained the varying Sith Lords to (though likely General Grievous preferred to train in silence), while others sound like the bedroom dream pop movement that has been steadily gaining popularity. Even those songs have a certain murkiness to them however, they are shrouded, highly introverted and reflective.  Again Farrar’s ability to meld remorse, with anger, with longing shines through and dissolves into the beats perfectly.

I would imagine something like this is the only thing that plays when Goku is training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, or perhaps the final bit of inspiration he needed before he ascended further than any Saiyan. I will take this over any heavy metal to work out to any day of the week. It is focused and poignant.  Word to the weary, with diversity of producers on this album it is not the easiest to digest, but if you appreciate great production and a unique rapping talent you should absolutely cop this.

Just In Case the World Ends

Artist: Blue Sky Black Death And Deniro Farrar
Album: Cliff of Death
Rating: 4.8/5.0
Release: December 2012

I’m not really certain what the contributing factors were to slumbering on this album for so long. It may have been the tight fisted miser inside saving $7 for nothing but the sake of saving it. It may have been the relative obscurity of rapper Deniro Farrar occupying the Blue Sky Black Death (BSBD) beats rather than Nacho Picasso. I finally copped it this weekend and it has effectively expunged any inhibition/skepticism I had about the album.

A strange amalgamation of shrouded ambient beats and marvelously grainy and unwelcoming rhymes. This was released on December 20, 2012 and it is written and produced as though both BSBD and Farrar had resolved that the world was undoubtedly ending that day or any day for that matter. The beats and rhymes coupled together are profoundly contemplative sometimes even bordering on meditative, there were times when the beat became so hypnotizing that it completely consumed Farrar’s forcible rumble. That isn’t to say Farrar didn’t exceed expectations too however, his marriage of regret, nostalgia and anger is incredible and it melds perfectly with those aforementioned beats. You will be instantly consumed when Farrar begins chanting “Just in Case the World Ends” in the title track. As the album progresses you will find yourself cast deeper and deeper into the mind of Farrar and the haunting beats of BSBD. On the track “You Ain’t A G” Farrar speaks with such intense conviction it actually seems like he is accusing the listener of never selling any dope or hugging any blocks. This is a must buy for not only rap lovers but lovers of outstanding production and the uncanny.


Title: Dope
Artist: Tyga
Album: Rich Gang All Stars
Rating: 4.0/5.0

There are times when rapper Tyga seems like a complete dullard, barely able to wipe his own ass. A barely audible whistle is present as the wind and air pass into and through the depleted/devoid cavern that the brain would normally reside. There are other times however when he commands tracks with prodigious  flow and swagger. He’s harder to predict than a snap dragon curve ball at the Slugger’s batting cages after 12-14 grape bombs. Will it be a cookie over the plate or some chin music to dust you off the plate and embarrass you in front of leering and snarling frat house that is Sluggers.

He seems to have a propensity to feast on the simplest of beats (see Rack City or Raw) it seems like its the only type of beat he can rap on, but so long as he keeps making songs like this I’m alright with it. There’s something endearing about the how straightforward the chorus is. In a world where everything is spring loaded and has double meanings, an enigma wrapped in a conundrum sometimes it’s nice to hear just that “All my shit dope,” simple, unmistakable and damn catchy.

Gucci is a Trap Gawd

Artist: Gucci Mane
Album: Trap God 2
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Release: February 2013
Best Line: “Tote my pistol anywhere…go to war with a grizzly bear”

Must cop album for anyone who loves rap.

Gucci seems to have finally awakened from his hibernation, or he’s at least as awake as Gucci can be.The first Trap God mixtape was a torpid, lethargic swim through a bottle of Nyquil. It was equivalent to butt bonging sleepy time tea.

Gucci seems revitalized in Trap God 2 a true steadfast renaissance for Gucci mixtapes. The beats are expansive, all over the spectrum and succeed in keeping the delivery fresh and perhaps dually function to keep Gucci from falling asleep mid-verse. As for the rhymes/delivery most of them sound like Gucci was filling in the madlib portion of a highlights magazine with a dull number 2 pencil in a dentist office. Mush mouthed and stuffy nosed. Recorded perhaps on another planet.That is the embodiment of Gucci however, and the oddity/abnormality driving the rhymes and delivery is what has captivated us for so many years. And Gucci is absolutely turnt up on this album, he’s as focused and and vigilant as ever.

This can be plainly seen in the best track on the album “Bullet Wound” in which Gucci’s lyrics include but are not limited to: Going to war with packs of Grizzly Bears, diamonds like starbursts and doing combinations of zannies, lean and coke (in no particular order)

There are plenty of hilarious moments in the mixtape as well, including a song called Break Dance. You would assume is about people practicing the more traditional definition of street dancing. Instead this is apparently a unique celebratory dance that Gucci has created whilst breaking down bricks of cocaine.

My imagination is spinning on what this could entail I assume part of it is revving a fake motorcycle. I’ve always held a weird reverence for Gucci, just how uncanny the man actually is. Either way I will be eagerly anticipating the next edition of Trap God. Enjoy one more song from this beauty and then immediately download.

Flocka is Angry…but we already knew that

Artist: Waka Flocka Flame
Album: Duflocka Rant 2
Rating: 3.7/5.0
Release: February 2013

Waka is infinitely angry and loud. He’s more furious than Liam Neeson after his family get’s taken for a second time, and his voice is just as gravely. It sounds like a mixture of  Neeson, Nick Nolte and Michael Madsen AFTER they got done chugging cacti full of cigarette butts. It sounds like he did the mixtape in one take because the more gall, fury and volume he discharges the more strained his voice sounds as the mixtape progresses. Overall the mixtape serves it’s purpose, and that is to hurl you into a disorienting frenzy in whatever situation you are in. I listened to it on the way to work and was so tense and agitated that I barely noticed myself completely mutilating my keyboard with every stroke of the finger. This is a great album to chug red bull vodkas and furiously puff lasers to if that’s your thing. There are actually some really complex beats in it though and some of the songs are more approachable than others. For instance Real Recognize Real with a beautifully crafted beat by Lex Luger:

The rhymes are a far shot from intelligent, it’s obvious that Waka Flaka is the polar opposite of the lead singer of the Decemberists (“Put your dick in the dirt, watch yo mama cry”) and it works for him. Who needs intelligence when you have boundless energy and menacing beats…not to mention TONS of gun fire samples. You know what your getting into with this album but if you like Waka you like him and you embrace his shortcomings and are mesmerized by his energy.

New Curren$y Is Chump Change

Artist: Curren$y
Album:New Jet City
Rating: 2.0/5.0
Release: February 2013

Curren$y has been a staple in and possibly one of the catalyst in the stoner rap movement, so it’s an immense surprise that he mailed this one in. This is a stick of Zebra chew that loses it’s flavor after 10-12 good chomps. It’s ground chuck 80/20 and white rice. This is the Mummy 1 and 2 starring Brendan Fraser. This album radiates mediocrity, it’s marvelously tolerable. While listening I would instantly forget the song I listened to only minutes before. The flow isn’t all that consistent and the beats seem irregular and uncomfortable, nothing about this flows.

It’s not that it’s a complete pile (see Paul Banks mixtape) but I’ve grown to expect much more from a rapper that’s released an abundance of consistently decent mixtapes. Choosin’ is one track that is salvageable from an otherwise forgettable experience. I’m a sucker for fake car noises, it reminds me of being a little kid and making up noises for any number of G.I. Joe Assault vehicles (Rolling Thunder/Night Raven) or the  The Ninja Turtle Shellraiser and this song has plenty of them. The “Ayerrrrrr” sound sounds like something I may have made up in 2nd grade while piloting an X-Wing on a reconnaissance mission, with a Jurassic Park Raptor and Goro from Mortal Kombat in the front seats and the Red Power Ranger manning the Turret. Enjoy below but stay away from the mixtape as a whole.



Title: Millions
Artist: Pusha T
Album: Wrath of Cain
Rating: 4.7/5.0

This song is Pablo Escobar, Carlito Brigante, Latrell Walker (Exit Wounds), Big Meech type of glorified cocaine rap. It’s MEAN. It’s immediately apparent that Pusha is going to be in am exhaustive frenzy in this song (as he starts out with his patented coke drip YUGH), snarling and ripping his way through calculated and poignant verses overpowering you with every punch line. Every verse is as raw as the bricks Pusha is slinging, each, tearing it’s way into your ear drums like the pebbles up a fiend’s nose. Plain and simple Pusha T loves/loved vending and doing hulking mounds of cocaine, and he makes no attempt to disguise this.

Pusha is boundlessly confident too, you think calling yourself the best rapper alive takes a pair? What about claiming that “This shit cook up hard don’t it, yall gotta beg my pardon on it, but this shit sounds like God don’t it?” Pretty sure comparing yourself to the voice of God (Morgan Freeman) is about as inflated as it gets, and it’s well deserved. The production isn’t necessarily the greatest on this song, but the chorus is there and the verses are too. The only problem is Rick Ross virtually disappears under Pusha T’s superior word play, would love if Malice came back, really the only one that could survive on a track with Pusha Ton. This exalted coke rap is always a pleasure to listen to, sit back and enjoy.

Listen Now:

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It’s Confirmed…Interpol Sucks

Artist: Paul Banks
Album:Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed to Be
Rating: 0.0/5.0
Release: January 2013
Download: Not providing because I don’t want this turd to get anymore downloads than it should
Best Line: There isn’t one coherent lyric so this is N/A

I’ve never really listened to Interpol, and now I officially never will. Paul Banks (allegedly lead singer of Interpol) released what I assume he believes is a hilarious parody on the mixtape subculture. This album stinks worst than that puddle of hobo urine that’s been rapidly incubating on the last car of a Red Line one stop before Howard, or that mysteriously stained SARS mask on the 66 bus,  or those tailgate farts that everyone always get that somehow always take on the same identity of cigars and yellow mustard. His attempt to be clever by using the contradiction in album title vs. content is a tremendous aberration at best. The album is disorienting to say the least, full of horrible sounding samples and more bloops and blips than PAT from the Disney Channel Original Movie SmartHouse.

I foresee anyone liking this being the same people that claim that Atlas Shrugged is their FAVORITE book, pickling, saying that they actually like more than one Ariel Pink song (Round and Round is the absolute only tolerable song) or people that claim Animal Collective is good live. A bombastic, highfaluting ode to pretentiousness. A true unlistenable chore. Thank you Paul Banks for eating goat cheese for a year and then passing this enormous chicken shit fart directly in our face.

Now that that’s all our, I feel like I have to share something worthwhile here, this JJ Doom song/video is disorienting in the right way and beyond dope: