One Tie All Tie

Orange Juice and Tooth Paste

Title: OJ Da Juiceman
Artist: Return of the Juiceman
Album: Juice World 2
Rating: 1.0/5.0

Juice World 2 has to be a farce. An intricate labyrinth of a prank.  I compare this abomination to Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” sans hilarity plus vexation. Listening to a blunderous oaf rapping can provide a certain amount of cheerfulness but it spoils fast. Aggressively simplified beats coupled with even feebler rhyme schemes that are most of the time indistinguishable. Calling them rhymes is downright generous. I would compare Juice World 2 to brushing your teeth with Arm and Hammer tooth paste and promptly chugging 1 gallon of balmy,tepid Sunny Delight, whilst soaking in a public Jacuzzi. You’ll see what I mean below:

I get that the album is free so us as consumers are really actually owed very little. I guess my thought around the creation of free mixtapes were a promotional tool to generate hype for a studio album or get an initial signing, obviously my thinking here was completely wrong given the existence of this mixtape. Aimless, futile and inane there is no good reason why this should be in existence. Stay far far away.