One Tie All Tie

Oldie But A Goodie

Artist: Nacho Picasso
Album: Lord of the Fly
Rating: 5.0/5.0
Release: January 2012
Best Line: “I’m like the Statue of David…except I’m more endowed”

Raw,visceral, sordid, grimy. Lord of the Fly is an album that makes you feel like you’ve been gnawing on a diaper full of cigarette butts yet somehow makes aforementioned experience enjoyable. Don’t be scared of the $7 price tag, the album is absolutely packed to the brim with eerie, haunting beats and rhymes, that isn’t to say this entire album doesn’t beat tho, it could rattle trunks with the best of em. Enjoy my favorite song off of the album “Staring at the Sun” below (article cont’d after video):

It came out in early 2012 but I felt obligated to review it as my first album given that I’ve easily listened to it 25+ times all the way through. This is the type of album I could see Eddie Munster listening to in his turmoil-ridden college years, or that could be played in the Mystery Machine when Scooby and the gang are getting skagged up before a ghost hunt, it’s absolutely menacing and addicting at the same time. This could be played in it’s entirety and be the theme song to a haunted house, or a mob of zombies. The only real con to the entire album is that I’ve noticed it creates involuntary mean mugging, then again who has ever said that’s a bad thing? DO NOT SNOOZE on this rapper/producer combo they will blow up.