One Tie All Tie

Drivin 88

Title: Driving 88
Artist: Rockie Fresh
Album: Driving 88
Rating: 4.8/5.0

You can ease into this song like an old man easing his way into a tub of tepid two day old standing water. Unrelentingly unbothered and blithe, Rockie Fresh doesn’t seem to care if you like him. His aloofness is somehow enchanting, as you slowly become absorbed in his world of shoe racks, Utah Jazz purple Kush and hustling for dough.

One line in particular is deeply saturated in universal feeling of nostalgia: “I’m balling I feel like Jordan when he hit that shot on Ehlo” It’s refreshing to see a rapper dig a little deeper and establish a different more profound connection with vintage NBA. This in contradiction to the new rap verse that everyone uses “I go hard with the Rock..Lebron James,” I personally can’t make any connection to selling/using crack rocks, so the idea of hitting a winning shot in game 5 is downright refreshing.

That being said the chopped and screwed chorus is the crowning achievement here, it comes out of nowhere and it makes me want to never put an ounce of gas in the car below and ghost ride up and down lake shore drive on breezeless summer days.


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