One Tie All Tie

Dope Smoke

Title: Dope Smoke
Artist: King L
Album: Drilluminati
Rating: 4.0/5.0

I don’t listen to the radio so this song may already be popular. If it’s not it absolutely should be and you should be beating this at any opportunity given. A jubilant decree celebrating excess, gluttony and exorbitance. Absolutely nothing left for imagination, the hook and beat drop almost immediately and they are fantastic. There aren’t really even that many verses and the one’s there are they are stagnant at best, but the hook and the beat are so overwhelming and infectious it makes the song virtually impossible to despise. It makes me want to ride around with a gang of rappers on ATVs touting teflon vests like DMX always did in the late 90’s.


The perhaps most perplexing part of the song is how much would actually be too much dope smoke for King L and his crew, and also the need to ever have anywhere over 100 dollars at any time in your wallet, a pocket full of c-notes has to be atleast 500. I can’t imagine a circumstance where carrying around that kind of scratch is ever a reality for me. It is those types of fantastical elements that make songs like this so addictive.

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