One Tie All Tie

Charles in Charge

Title: Charles in Charge
Artist: Lyn Charles
Album: American Tragedy
Rating: 4.7/5.0

Lace up your LA Gears, zip up your trapper keeper (with slotted gel pens) in that brand new Wolf Creek back pack, this song has that old school first day of class feel. Back when the first day of class was met with unbridled avidity. Where school was simply a venue to debut your dopest accouterment and assorted school supplies. Your biggest concern involved being the fastest kid in the class. Playing 500. Swapping Parental Advisory CDs. Getting a created player drafted in Madden 95 and beating Toejam and Earl. And debating who was better NWO or NWO Wolfpack. Incredible beat and though the lyrics are actually polar opposite you can’t help but smile when you hear this.

I’ve never seen the sitcom “Charles in Charge”, nor do I intend to. The Wikipedia page is underwhelming at best: “A 19-year-old student at the fictional Copeland College in New Brunswick, New Jersey, who worked as a live-in babysitter in exchange for room and board.”

Where are the zany schemes!? Where are the two identical twins split apart at birth only to be re-united in a nondescript department store years later!? Where is Kirk Cameron and more importantly the staple to any sitcom Alan Thicke? The introduction is lifeless. The only redeemable part is the surprisingly catchy theme song from which the sample was pulled.

I just wish more rap samples were pulled from these 90’s gems Chief Keef on a “Who’s The Boss” sample would go IN.

Nothing about the video below makes me want to have Charles in Charge: