One Tie All Tie


Artist: Andrea
Album: Cruising EP
Rating: 4.8/5.0

There is a certain gentle facet in the first notes of My Morning that invoke tranquility, an abyss of contentment and happiness. Meditative and dense with cheerfulness this song and entire mixtape/EP is a true joy to listen to. It’s brief and ripe with remixes but still immensely enjoyable. The beautiful compilation of sounds and samples crash into your headphones, eager to spread an infectious positivity in the case of My Morning.

My Morning demands night cap play. Elated and exhausted after a night of relentless excess. Sitting on a porch refusing to concede an inevitable defeat to the growing fatigue. As you retreat to the fridge and extract another beer, renewing the lease on the night, you settle into this agreeable circumstance and let the gladness wash over.