Artist: Far East Movement
Album: Grzzly
Rating: 1.2/5.0
Download: I refuse to willingly spread this mixtape, thus will not provide the URL it can be found on datpiff.com  if you want to be severely annoyed.

You know those pictures on Facebook and Instagram that are brimming with a false sense of pride? The ones that are meant to be a testament to how undeniably awesome the person’s recent happenings are. The pictures that often use #winning or #perfection but when looked deeper into you gain this odd sense of wretchedness and melancholy. You notice the 1 or 2 likes when the person was clearly anticipating at least 15-20. You see a guilt induced comment left by someone tagged in the photo.  You notice that their dream vacation as they labeled #perfection is in fact a scum ridden Disney Cruise, or #perfection as a 5 for under 500 calories meal at Applebees. No filter can make that meal look good. That is what this new album reminds me of.  It tries incredibly hard, but is just bad.

Far East Movement does its best Baauer impression on the first song, longing for that catchiness for that x factor that made the song viral but coming up miles short. The rest of the album is a busy blundering mess that gives me anxiety to listen to. If you like having anxiety I would certainly recommend downloading this.

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