One Tie All Tie

Scrooge McDuck

Song: Money
Album: 5th String Walk On
Artist: Masin Dixin
Rating: 4.3/5.0
Download: N/A

Like Haley’s Comet this mixtape surfaced mysteriously on Datpiff a few weeks ago and then vanished like a bubble guts induced fart in the wind. It left behind a rather memorable odor however, and a lot more palatable then a room clearer.  Hopefully your quest to download proves more fruitful than mine, I attempted to find a sans Trojan download link but was unsuccessful.

This is what is blaring on the speakers in Scrooge McDuck’s  mansion as the sick deviant feverishly flounders around in his pool of coins. It is likely what was playing when 12 year old Preston writes himself a check for 1,000,000 dollars in Blank Check. It’s what Richy Rich’s parents were listening when the plane went down, likely nearing pass out drunk from Dom P.

Masin Dixin absolutely, unconditionally loves money, he cherishes it above all else. For instance the line “Money make me horny, wake up with a boner, tell the bitch never mind put that money on me” The song’s larger than life beat (that reminds me of a 2006 Lil Scrappy or E40) and the lyrics have plenty of great excessively hoarding/spending money punch lines.  Nothing too clever about it just a good ole fashion song about someone putting the acquisition of wealth above all else.