One Tie All Tie

Winners Circle

Artist: Winners Circle
Song: Runner Up
Album: Winners Circle
Rating: 4.6/5.0

I’m uncertain that the name of an artist and album has been so fully realized in the actual corresponding content.  Runner Up for instance is an exalted ode, maintaining a delicate balance between reminiscing on conquests past while also expressing unbridled hope for future triumphs. The beat (laden with horns), lyrics and delivery all work together to convey that momentary feeling of unthinking. That combination of invinciblity and unbending confidence you feel while looking back on whatever obstruction that lies crippled in your wake. The rest of the mixtape is damn solid as well.

On a more primal level, I would love to indulge in some slow motion , gratuitous burnouts in the below Murcielago while listening. Or catching joy filled and glistening champagne drops on your tongue like snow flakes at Christmas. It also for some reason makes me wonder what it must feel like to drink and eat with a grill in.