One Tie All Tie

Gucci just made a sweater that makes you look kind of like your racist neighbor Rick

Florence, Tuscany – After the shocking realization that a sweater celebrating the systemic degradation of an entire group of people might offend some, Gucci has created another option for people who are most certainly racist, but want a more subtle way to display it.

“The Rick” is a sweater that will retail for $900 and is meant to make you look similar to that unwell looking, racist idiot from your hometown named Rick. The sweater has a paunchy, lumpy exterior which makes it appear you are constantly struggling with regular bowel movements and as a bonus it perpetually smells like chicken noodle soup. Both staples of vague intolerance and being considered a loser by most standards.

 It is covered in Fox Racing logos and has a blue tooth speaker that plays Imagine Dragons radio on Sirius. It pairs perfectly with athletic shades, your choice of flat brimmed hat, jean cargo shorts, the All Lives Matters movement and using the phrase “Looks like I have to go shovel some more of that global warming off the driveway.” The sweater contains a chemical which shrinks your genitals and increases your foolish confidence.    

The designers at Gucci have said that the sweater is supposed to embody the spirit of being an ignorant racist without having to fully admit anything.