One Tie All Tie

WNDR museum gets spinoff museum KRUNDR

Chicago, IL-The Chicago museum which encourages attendees to ignore anything artistic or thought provoking in favor of the rabid creation of content is getting a sister museum called the KRUNDR. The KRUNDR museum is similar in nature to the WNDR museum, only it has been constructed for a third of the cost.

Guests can look forward to taking and posting the same goddamn identical picture as every other guest who has ever been dumb enough to pay for Instagram content. Exhibits will include:

Human Lava Lamp: Swim around in a giant vat of boiling hot Vaseline while a Bluetooth speaker plays 311’s Amber, no filter necessary as that burned skin looks a LOT like Slumber filter.
Rat Pizza: An adult ball pit where the balls are actually just discarded pizza crusts and Chicago born rats! Laugh and tickle your friends amidst a bloody feeding frenzy.
Glory Hole: Lubed up and PRE DUCT TAPED, the pride and joy of the KRUNDR museum, take a candid pic of yourself as you finish in the glory hole!

The KRUNDR museum satisfies the consumer need pay any price to jam a selfie stick up their ass and pose for pictures, so come by today! Tickets $69!