One Tie All Tie

Green Book II: The Grass is Always Greener will star Kevin Hart and a hologram of Matt Leblanc

Hollywood, CA – After the surprising Oscars win for Green Book, Hollywood executives have unveiled plans for Green Book II: The Grass is Always Greener starring Kevin Hart and a Matt Leblanc hologram. Hart plays Steven Gronowitz, an accident prone Edible Arrangements franchise owner in Rockford Illinois who is looking for a change. Matt Leblanc reprises Joey Tribbiani but as a hologram spirit after a completely horrific indoor skydiving accident.

The two form an unlikely friendship after a Mexican cartel, played inexplicably by Jon Cryer wearing a racially charged mustache and sombrero, offers them the opportunity to smuggle cocaine across the border in the balled cantaloupes of Gronowitz’s Edible Arrangements.

Watch the two take a hero’s dose of Adderall, furiously chain smoke cigarettes and hit some of America’s most storied glory holes. Each has its own lesson to be learned. And by the end of it, they ultimately realize it was friendship they sought, not the rush of smuggling cocaine in an edible fruit basket.

Directed by Milo Yiannopoulos this movie is surely Oscar bound for next year.