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Toy Story 4 plot reveal

Hollywood, CA –The plot for the upcoming movie Toy Story 4 has been leaked and it is a doozy. A true testament to the endurance of the human spirit and the idea that the curious child inside of us should be cherished instead of ignored. The plot of the film will center on Terry Giblet a blossoming YouTube personality and total unapologetic butthole, played by the actor that plays the kid on the show Two and a Half Men.

Most of the film documents Giblet as he rips audible eye stinging farts and furiously spins a fidget spinner voiced by Eddie Murphy as the donkey from Shrek for two hours straight. Cody, the hilarious fidget spinner, crushes the souls of the other toys by being an unimaginative piece of junk that routinely quotes Tosh.0 episodes to the delight of Giblet who remains incapable of wiping his own ass. 

The rest of the classic toys aren’t even offered the privilege of mopping up spilled Mountain Dew Code Red or being used as an ass wiping mechanism for the brain dead little bastard as he plays Fortnite and listens to Chainsmokers remixes sang by Alex Jones.

Much of the movie is simply a continual Fortnite stream with momentary glimpses of Buzz Lightyear silently weeping in the corner like a cucked husband. Though in a particularly poignant moment Woody lies on a Twister board in a puddle of his own excess, absolutely nothing to show for any of his perceived life achievements, he surrenders himself to an existence of irrelevance.

See Toy Story 4 in theaters soon.