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Imagine Dragons huge drum has been stolen

Wisconsin Dells, WI – Imagine Dragons, a group best known for making characterless rock songs for guys who use the phrase Dilly Dilly with some regularity, was rendered powerless after an elaborate heist left them without their iconic, massive, idiotic drum. The drum itself is a huge draw for people who are into Imagine Dragons both because big things you can smash is a concept they can at least loosely grasp.

The heist itself is a tragedy for vaguely Christian rock music that can be consumed without thought. Though just when the Imagine Dragons faithful thought they’d never get another song about weather, Nick Cannon did something truly incredible.

The drum itself has already been sold to Rick from Pawn Stars and is thus not recoverable, but Nick Cannon was kind enough to give the band an autographed Blue Ray of the movie Drumline as consolation. The DVD was smashed into oblivion at the next live show as the band used it as a direct replacement for their former drum, but nonetheless a truly heartwarming moment between two societal icons.