One Tie All Tie

Kohl’s launches new crotchless khakis for the sensibly sexy

Hammond, IN – Wearing khaki pants just got a whole lot sexier thanks to Kohl’, the largest distributor of khaki and other assorted beige items. Though wearing khakis is already inherently sexy, with eroticism and carnal depravity in every pleat, Kohl’s has decided it’s time for the next evolution of sex drenched slacks.

“Our crotchless khakis will spice up any boring work day and let’s not forget about the bedroom! Have you ever felt the wind on your ass in a butterfly fuck swing while still being business casual? Now is your chance!” said Kohl’s regional manager Eric Marmalade while using a pair of kindergarten dulled scissors to slice through the crotch on another pair of Dockers.

The pants retail at $29.99 with purchase of Jennifer Lopez branded deep fryer or $111 in Kohl’s cash. So hop over to Kohl’s today and let your partner know that you’re committed to adventurous sex…as long as it’s affordable, sensible and fueled by Kohl’s.