One Tie All Tie

Summer Anthem

Artist: Rockie Fresh
Album: Electric Highway
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Release: January 2013
Best Line: “I came a long way to rose’ from that andre”

I regularly unveil the song mid way through the review but this mixtape demands immediate consumption, relishing and savoring.

I am proclaiming that  this mixtape, in it’s entirety, will beat from the first coatless afternoon in Chicago (or anywhere) and never stop playing until old man winter devours the last breath of hot summer air and we all retreat back into an elusive hibernation. It will undoubtedly compliment Wrigley blackouts, it will provide ardent, unwavering support for festival pregames, and champion another unforgettable summer. I just reviewed a Rockie Fresh song off of his first album a couple days ago, Electric Highway the mixtape just dropped today, and Rocky’s evolution is nothing short of divine. It’s mixtapes like these that make me wonder why I would ever spend money (or even go through the hassle of torrenting) an album again, when rappers are producing content like this for free.

He slides and slices through the beats like birthday candles out of a cake. (or teeth out of a receding gum line). Every word calculated and precise as he playfully dances across any beat furnished to him. His unabated and unflinching coolness is apparent through out, he’s airy and careless and so are the beats, that’s why this mixtape is such a delight to listen to.


Another true gem: