One Tie All Tie

The diary of a Divvy Rider

Dear Diary,

Weeeeeeeeeee! Oh goodness me that was quite the hill! But honest to Pete, this sleek and very cool Divvy bike handled it like an old pro! I’m so big city right now 🙂 and active too for that matter. My newly purchased Fitbit is whirring with excitement. Those two blocks to work are enough exercise for the week by golly! Thank god I had the safety of the side walk as well. God forbid I ride down that hill in the actual street! I abide dutifully by the Divvy code of only riding on the street in cases of extreme emergency.

Ugh…I can’t believe how slow these people are walking, can’t they see I’m on a bike! You would think they would be a little more courteous and clear a path for bikers on the sidewalk. Oh well…in any case I’m getting a TON of great attention riding my Divvy. I’ve seen these same jealous stares during my weekend Segway tours. I used to be a loser like these people until I got my Divvy membership, now I’m a jerk and everyone loves me! I even splurged on the band that holds my pant leg in so it doesn’t get caught in the chain. I’m so a legit biker 🙂


The design on this thing couldn’t make me look any cooler, and this aerodynamic helmet is the icing on the cake. There are few things more enviable in this day and age than good posture, and I’ll tell you what…sitting on this makes me look like I’ve been wearing a back and neck brace my whole life! It may also appear as though it’s my first time on a bike…heh…that’s because it is…

Gosh, I just can’t hide behind this cool Divvy rider facade anymore! The swerving, the unsteadiness, the lack of self awareness…it’s because I’m learning to ride! (sniff) After slamming my bike back into the rack (my favorite part about riding Divvy) I began openly crying. Luckily another Divvy rider was there to console me, we had a nice long talk over a glass of Smart Water and she revealed that she also didn’t know how to ride a bike. As the conversation continued I learned that just over 98% of Divvy riders don’t actually know how to ride a bike! Oh the joy! I’m not alone after all, what an incredible turn of fate!

I can tell the other commuters are supportive of me learning though. They should be too! The sidewalk  is just as much my right as it is theirs! LOL 🙂 #DivvyRulezzzz