One Tie All Tie

Lululemon has $150 workout gear that disintegrates once you completely quit on the New Year

Chicago, IL-Like committing to a New Year’s resolution of physical and spiritual wellness but know that moderation in any aspect of your life is virtually impossible? Know that you’re going to let yourself go a mere week into the New Year? Enjoy biodegradable clothing that disintegrates into fish food one week after purchase? Lululemon has you covered!

The newest completely unreasonable line from Lululemon called “It’s a me year”, promotes an existence of all-consuming excess that benefits only you for an entire year. The high performance athletic cloths are designed to empower and instill confidence in men and women by encouraging that it’s completely ok to just give up.

The cloths are constructed to withstand three moderately paced workouts before crumbling into a flakey powder that serves as a nutrient for most aquatic life. The days of unused workout cloths plaguing your closet are over and the days of a healthier, more robust fish tank have just begun.

So live selfishly, dress out of your means, and just quit…after all…it is YOUR year!