One Tie All Tie

You’ve just been endorsed on LinkedIn for extra chins, so what’s next?

A sagging, jaundiced man who once gave you an unsolicited business card in the parking lot of an abandoned Dave & Busters in Northern Indiana just endorsed you for “chins” on LinkedIn. The endorsement comes nearly a decade after the bizarre interaction in which you were propositioned with starting a glory hole forward, spinoff restaurant called Buster’s.

Because ignoring something as coveted as an endorsement from a psychopath on an insufferable business networking sight would be considered rude and perhaps a hasty career gamble, you should follow these steps to craft the perfect InMail follow up!

  1. As they say in the business world, lean in. Do a gravity bong of K2 synthetic weed and start crafting a 10,000 word manifesto on why you also require endorsements for saddle bags and muffin top
  2. Reciprocate the act of kindness with a counter “Carson Daly Impressions” endorsement
  3. Initiate a Kickstarter for teaching underprivileged kids how to slack line
  4. Drink a virgin Redd’s Apple Ale and post your favorite RedTube link to your LinkedIn profile
  5.  Withdraw your life’s savings and launder it in iTunes gift cards while learning how to install a series of complex glory holes

You’ll be a successful entrepreneur in no time at all!