One Tie All Tie

Podcast sponsored by MeUndies

Hammond, IN – Any decent podcast is littered with sponsorships for products designed to fill the hole in your life you never knew you had but is now a debilitating fixation which demands immediate remedy.  A weighted blanket will fix a lifetime of parental neglect for instance. Or a Casper mattress will almost certainly cure the impotence that has plagued you your entire life.

And now thankfully the vape forward JUUL Pods Save America podcast, which analyzes how pluming directly impacts American politics, has procured the holy grail of all podcast sponsorships…MeUndies. Can you even consider yourself a podcast unless you can get listeners 5% off any luxury underwear order of $100 or more using an impossible to remember URL? Absolutely not.

And even though a person barely capable of wiping their own ass has no business spending their food money for the week on a pair of commemorative Flag Day themed underwear, here we are. Unfortunately the high-tech fabric used in their underwear skids the same as the cotton or burlap you’re used to, but at least when you look down at the pee soaked garment you can be confident that the room of marketers that concepted this idiotic idea will be funded for another month of relentless advertising.