One Tie All Tie

Very cute! Jay and Kristen Cavallari introduce the world to “waffle stomping” in latest episode

There is NOTHING better in this world than watching washed up celebrities toiling away in an existence that is only rivaled in dullness by your own. And this week was no different…as I sat in a pair of skid marked sweatpants and ate a bowl of iceberg lettuce topped with Xanax croutons and dressed in a low calorie Fireball Whiskey vinaigrette the Cavallari’s introduced America to something truly special.

As Jay confronted Kristen about another shower drain clog and an unworldly stench that caused several bouts of adorable retching, Kristen admitted that she had seen a boomerang on a lifestyle Instagram account of something called waffle stomping. Since seeing it, she had been regularly taking dumps in the shower and mashing whatever malnourished stool came out directly through the shower drain.  BARROINNNGGGGG! Whoooopppssieeee!!! Squadoof!!!!

Apparently the disintegrating mess through the shower drain resembles a soggy waffle in some instances. How much more endearing and relatable can these two get! So real! So genuine! I think we can ALL agree that waffle stomping is a perfect way to keep a tidy toilet!