One Tie All Tie

Color Run participants feel swindled after promoter accidentally orders only variations of beige

Hundreds of enthusiastic runners who love to remind you how much they run were greatly disappointed after their quest for the perfect Instagram picture was ruined. The runners expected to be doused in the usual self-congratulatory color wheel but due to a mistake in planning were plastered in varying shades of beige and khaki.

The event coordinator mistakenly ordered only flesh toned chalk. Without the rainbow guise of fun, the runners couldn’t even feign the usual happiness in the post-race Instagram. “The beige seemed to somehow really expose just how miserable these races really are,” said Mike Bradshaw as a single tear washing away the skin colored powder.

“Paying to do something that is otherwise free, waking up and commuting an hour and a half to the race, getting your nipples destroyed by the “free” shirt, having someone blow morning breath in your face for the duration of the race, and running the whole thing butts to nuts is all worth it for the end of race Instagram.” Continued Mike “Without the zany theme and Instagram gratification…the race just wasn’t the same.”

The sadness was palpable as runners desperately tried to figure out a way to convince their social media following they had a great time at the race. Unfortunately the taupe glaze caked on all of the somber faces couldn’t be salvaged by even the most aggressive filter, contrast and lighting.