One Tie All Tie

Best Buy Employees make up the other Blue Lives Matter movement

Hammond, IN – The origin of the Blue Lives Matter movement has been largely a mystery until now. A group shrouded in alt right secrecy and eventually evolved into a noticeable skid mark on a pair of ten year old, threadbare Gildan boxers.

But the true birth of this movement has actually been traced back to the early days of Best Buy employees, who were forced to create a top secret society to persevere their way of life as a group of ruthless assassins threatened to wipe them from the history books.

In the shadows they lurked, feasting on Sour Patch Kids and Mountain Dew Code Red, hoarding vast treasures of gift cards and romantic comedy blu-rays, they waited for their time to rise to prominence once more. But it never happened. Members of the society were hunted relentlessly and eventually went extinct according to most experts.

Though some still believe that descendants do exist. Heirs to a vast empire, who hold unimaginable power. Waiting in the wings to unleash death and destruction on earth in an effort to claim their rightful place at the throne.