One Tie All Tie

Visionary inspires several people by posting pictures of other people’s inspirational quotes

A self-proclaimed social media visionary has inspired three people since posting a picture of someone else’s inspirational quote yesterday. The oddly vague quote was accompanied by a carefree font and setting sun, which automatically qualifies anything as something with the potential to inspire.

It garnered three likes, and one comment. Two of the likes were from her parents and one from an account created for someone’s pet dog. The comment was from her mom and read “You said it sister!”

“I post a quote when it’s a ME day…which is pretty much every day!” said Ashley Murray-Parker, who routinely posts other people’s photoshopped pictures of other people’s quotes.

“I never know what the quote will be, and I generally don’t even know where the quote came from, I just google image search “Inspirational Quotes” and voila I’m ready to inspire the world!” continued Murray-Parker. She steadfastly maintains that her reposting the picture of the quote is far more important than having actually written or created something.

“Absolutely no one can find pictures quotes like I do, you have to be able to Google image search, and be able to save down pictures to your desktop before posting…it can be a lot of work, but it’s all worth it considering I’m changing people’s lives!” said Murray-Parker, the words broken up with severe giggling fits.

The most likes she has ever gotten has been 5, but she knows that no nothing comes easy when it comes to posting pictures of quotes. She hopes to post one that inspires 8 people before year’s end.