One Tie All Tie

USA’s newest original drama Game & Changer

Alex Game played by Wilmer Valderrama and Chris Changer played by DJ Qualls were two indefinable marketing professionals formally of the agency Game & Changer. After several successful years in the marketing world, their office was burnt to the ground in a horrific accident that was triggered by Changer huffing spray paint out of a urine soaked sock and covering the office in gasoline as a tactic to improve employee morale and display true disruptive marketing.

The gruesome event was a game changer for not only the office but the community as a whole, as thousands of lives were ruined by the uncanny marketing tactic. Down on both their luck and several thousand employees, Game and Changer quit the marketing world forever, never being able to shake the image of one frantic employee jumping through a burning SWOT analysis board.

Whether they liked it or not, the stunt had cemented their legacy as marketing pioneers and literal trailblazers in their industry. Nonetheless they would never work in the marketing world again…at least that’s what they thought.

But paradigms shift when family is involved. Game’s son is kidnapped by a group of ruthless mercenaries, hell bent on filling the top of the sales funnel with marketing qualified leads for a new product that markets the ability to increase funnel conversions on marketing qualified leads. And before long Alex Game & Chris Changer reluctantly agree to one…more…job.

Watch as deadlines are missed, meetings are scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled, fierce debates erupt over meaningless details that no one will notice or care about, high importance emails are sent and disregarded and most importantly the launch of a product that is in no way actually ready to sell. Will Game’s son die in captivity during the lengthy marketing campaign? Find out Tuesdays at 4:00 am after reruns of The Grinder.

Critical acclaim for Game & Changer:

“So ordinary that it made me feel physically ill. Every half hour episode somehow contains the full misery of an 8 hour Wednesday in mid-February,” Steve Bingham, San Francisco Times

“I’ve felt more alive after drinking a cup of week old, twice brewed decaf and watching season 2 of JAG,” Cheryl Pennington, Boston Globe

“The sick fuck that casted Valderrama and Qualls has no business living amongst us, I plan on seeking him out wherever he is and kicking in the nuts as hard as I possibly can,” Eric Gobbins, Chicago Tribune