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America Pie 8: Stiffler is Impotent

Hollywood, CA – Get ready for zany hijinks, hilarious sexual encounters with animals, wet t-shirt contests and most importantly the prospect of losing the ability to have sex or feel much of anything emotionally due to alcoholism and severe emotional trauma! The boys from American Pie are back in what is said to be the last movie of the series and certainly the goofiest yet! 

Watch as a carefree summer at the iconic lake house transforms into a nightmarish journey of self reflection and mourning. After drinking himself into oblivion at the beach side ass eating competition, Stiffler takes some floozy back to his pad for some good ole fashioned degradation but things take a turn when despite his best efforts his penis is rendered useless. As he  sits weeping in the corner a dog farts in his face, adding to the hilarious idea of being mentally and physically unwell!

During this Jason Biggs sits in a bathtub holding a toaster examining his failing marriage, haunted by the prospects of growing old with someone he can barely stand but is ultimately stuck because the risk of dying alone is too great. Right before he is about to end it, Stiffler’s mom walks in and takes a massive dump!

Do NOT miss American Pie 8 this summer, because who doesn’t love misery and suffering?